Easy Low-Carb Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

This low-carb buffalo chicken quesadilla is filled with shredded buffalo chicken, mozzarella cheese, celery, onion, and ranch! Delish!

Easy Low-Carb Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

These are perfect for meal prep or when you're in need for a quick and easy recipe! I really like to make them on Sundays for football so I feel like I’m eating chicken wings lol.

For some reason when I’m dieting I crave buffalo chicken wings! Unfortunately, they don’t fit into my macros so I have to improvise! I've had buffalo chicken quesadillas at restaurants and really enjoyed them, so I had the idea to make them at home and make them macro-friendly!

Let me tell you, these are a new favorite in this house! My husband who doesn’t track macros LOVES them! It will feel like you are “cheating” on your diet, but your not! It will easily fit into your macros, and I’m not talking about where you can fit something in but have to eat salad the rest of the day lol.

This is why I love the flexible dieting approach! I've tried many “diets” and this one is the most sustainable! When I restrict too much for too long, I end up falling off and eating everything in sight! With IIFYM you have the freedom to eat the foods you want while still reaching your goals!

Obviously, you want to fill your macros with nutrient dense food but, it's nice to know you can fit some of the fun stuff in so you don’t get burnt out!

If you haven’t heard of IIFYM(aka tracking macros) and are interested in starting it, you can read my blog Does Counting Macros Really Work? I tell you what they are, how I have had success with them, and how to get started!

Alright, let's jump into these creamy, spicy, and crunchy quesadillas!

Easy Low-Carb Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

First, you are going to put your chicken in the crockpot.

I used the crockpot because for me it is so much easier! You put it in there and then come back in 4 hours and it basically shreds for you. But if you're short on time you could always just boil the chicken and then shred on your own!

Add in Bolthouse Farms Ranch Dressing and Franks Red-hot Buffalo sauce

Then, I added some minced garlic, garlic powder, and pepper.

Leave it on high in the crockpot for 4 hours.

Now that your chicken is done your going to want to cut up the onion and celery.

Turn your stove top on medium heat and spray non-stick spray on the pan. Let the pan heat up while assembling your quesadilla.

Next, I take my tortillas and spread a little bit of the Bolthouse farms ranch on them, add the chicken, celery, onion, and shredded mozzarella cheese

Put your quesadilla in the pan, I usually cook each side for about 5 minutes! But you want to keep an eye on it so it doesn't burn! Just until its a perfect golden brown color!

Pro-tip I take my zero calorie butter spray and spray a little on each tortilla before I fry them to make them extra crispy!

Easy Low-Carb Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla


You can also make some buffalo ranch for dipping sauce! I just took some of the bolthouse farms ranch and added some buffalo sauce to it and it was delicious!

Just remember if you choose to do the dipping sauce it will change the macros!

Makes 6-8 servings, Prep Time: 10 minutes, Cook Time: 20 minutes (Chicken in the crockpot it will need 4 hours)

Macros for Quesadilla: 370 Calories, 31g Carbs, 14g Fat, 44g Protein

What you will need:

-3 skinless boneless chicken breast

- Low Carb Tortillas (I used Tumaro’s Ancient Grain Wrap Tortillas but you can use any low carb tortilla you want) Just note that depending on what tortillas you use it might change the macros.

-1 cup Franks RedHot Buffalo Wing Sauce

-1/4 cup Bolthouse Farms Ranch Dressing

-1/2 onion

-1-2 celery stalks

-28g mozzarella cheese ( I used 2%, you don't have to but note that the macros will be slightly different)

-2 Teaspoons minced garlic

-1 Teaspoon garlic powder

-1 Teaspoon black pepper

-Non-stick spray

How To Make It:

1.Put chicken breasts in the crockpot.

2.Add buffalo sauce, ranch dressing, and spices.

3.Once the chicken is done, shred it.

4.Dice up onion and celery.

5.Turn stove on medium heat, spray non-stick spray and let pan heat up.

6.Take your tortillas and spread a little bit of bolthouse ranch dressing, add chicken, onion, celery, and mozzarella cheese.

7.Fry in the pan for about 7 minutes on each side(but keep an eye so it doesn't burn)

Let me know in the comments below if you make them and how you liked them!