5 Tips For Overcoming Gym Anxiety

5 Tips for Overcoming Gym Anxiety

We have all been there..terrified of stepping into a gym.

I know exactly how you feel because a few years ago I was there too. I remember sitting in the car debating whether or not I could walk through those doors. It is intimidating! 

I just kept thinking to myself that people were gonna judge me because I was doing exercises wrong or because I was overweight and it was clearly my first time in a gym.

I know this is something that a lot of women struggle with, and you know what?! WE SHOULDN’T. You are there trying to better yourself, you're not in there to impress anyone! 

So I put my big girl panties on and walked myself into that gym! Was it as bad as I thought? Absolutely not! 

You soon realize that nobody is “judging” you! They are there to get their workout in too and chances are they aren’t paying any attention to what you're doing!

The first few days might feel a little uncomfortable but I promise you, that feeling will go away! 

One of the main reasons people say they can’t lose weight is because they are afraid of the gym. Well, I’m here to fix that!

I am going to give you 5 tips on how to overcome gym intimidation/anxiety and make you feel confident AF walking into that gym.


Number 1: Purchase or make yourself a gym plan/hire a personal trainer.

There are tons of gym plans available to you on social media! If you don’t want to spend the money on it there also are a lot of free workouts that people post on Instagram, facebook, youtube, and Pinterest!

There are no excuses when it comes to this because there are a lot of resources available for you!

 I post all types of workouts on my Instagram @brittanycradduck every week! 

The reason this is important is that you are prepared! That gym plan is going to show you what workouts to do and exactly how to do them! So you don’t have to feel like people will judge you for doing exercises wrong. Also, no wondering aimlessly around the gym trying to figure out what to do next.

Another option would be to hire a personal trainer! I know this can be a pricey option but if your serious about getting healthy you have to make it a priority. Some gyms offer a few free training sessions when you sign up so that's something you could look into!

Number 2: Go shopping for new gym clothes!

Who doesn’t love an excuse to go shopping for clothes? Just me? Yeah, I have a clothing addiction, I’m working on it. But for real! Think about it, if you feel good in your outfit you are going to be less self-conscious and you are going to walk in that gym like you own the place!


Number 3: Get a gym buddy!

I know for some this is hard to come by, but it will make a difference! You can ask your best friend, brother, sister, mom, dad, husband or boyfriend to go with you! Chances are they will want to go! 

And if not, I met my gym buddy at the gym! If you know someone is holding you accountable to be there you are more likely to go. It’s always easier to let yourself down and make excuses, but if you have someone waiting for you chances are your gonna go! It will give you the motivation you need to get there!

Number 4: Stop caring what people think!

I know its easier said than done, but that’s going to be one of the main things that helps you get your butt in the gym! Don’t let your fear of these people stop you from getting healthy. 

Also, to be honest, I promise you that over half of the people in the gym are too worried about getting their workout in to be sitting there staring at you. 


Number 5: Get yourself familiar with your gym.

When you go to sign up, you can ask them to give you a tour of the gym! I would honestly take advantage of this so that when you go in you know where everything is! I do this every time I join a new gym (I’m a military wife so constantly changing gyms) and it makes me feel way more comfortable!

I really hope you find these tips helpful! Joining a gym can be scary but honestly once you do it you will be glad you did!